Smolenaers Eierliften Egg-lift
No longer will stacking eggs on pallets results in physical injuries such as back and shoulder problems. We have designed an Egg-lift that makes it possible to lift stacks of eggs with only little physical efforts. Several models are available to match almost every poultry farm, a pallet lift is no longer required. The egg-lift can do almost the same as a robot but does however require manual operations. Nevertheless, the operation speed is extremely quick. It is possible to complete a full pallet in only 3 minutes (depending on supply). It is also possible to stack 6 layers with the egg-lift. Two of these units have already been sold. Our egg-lifts cost less than 10% of an automated robot.
ISeveral dozens of poultry farmers are already working for years with our egg-lifts. They couldn’t do without them anymore and are very happy. They find it a big advantage that it is possible to keep an overview on the eggs when they are positioned, improving the quality of your eggs compared to using a robot. The egg-lift requires little space and it is even possible to move as much as 10 pallets consecutively without moving the egg-lift. Additionally we can provide: handy equipment for tipping egg-trays, a bracket for easy stacking of egg-trays and we can deliver an extra button on the egg conveyer to be able to place 4 piles of eggs together. We keep on improving our egg-lift to minimize yearly maintenance. Due to a spring construction in the lifting-tube, cable breakage belongs in principle to the past, this although it might happen that it needs to be shortened. However, we advise that we perform maintenance on the egg-lift once a year to ensure that you can operate the egg-lift safely and without troubles. To the best of our knowledge, on the total of 60 egg-lifts that still operate on a daily basis, only 3 motors, 5 switches, 4 control cables (4 cores), approx.. 15 springs and some steel cable have ever been renewed. Maintanance costs are thus very minimal, this while the egg-lift takes serious weight out of your hands. If your are interested you can visit our poulty farm to see the egg-lift in action and have, without obligations, further information from Frans Smolenaers; or you can call for the address of a nearby colleague poultry farmer
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