Smolenaers Eierliften Poultry rack
Supplementary feeding of roughage like lucerne or hay to laying hens is done more and more often. It has a positive effect on the their digestion systems. This is especially important during the start of each round. The ideal way to deliver this is via our poultry rack. This rack offers several advantages: - easy to move (weighs only 12 kilo / 24 pounds). - easy to fill since the lid can be turned open - easy to clean, the used material do not attract moisture. - top and sides are closed, to ensure that no dust or droppings can fall on the food. - the bottom of the rack is much open as possible, allowing more hens to eat simultaneously. - due to nifty mesh size of the steel gauze, hens can easy extract what they need and almost nothing gets spilled. - can placed in stables, but also in bird cages. - the roof contains a pivoting roll so that hens can’t sit on it and thus the roof is kept clean. - little seams and crannies, as much open as possible to minimize the change of blood lice, fungi and vermin. - bale last longer, because hens will only eat what they need. - additional feeding of lucerne eases the hens and minimizes cannibalism. When the rack needs to be placed on a grid, it is possible to have a spill plate delivered for an additional price of 9 euro ex. VAT. There is a lower version for rearing hens For an optimal distribution it is recommended to have a rack per 2000 to 3000 hens. This poultry rack can be delivered for € 79,-- ex. VAT per piece.
Copyright: Frans Smolenaers
We also deliver combi-poultry racks, which make it possible to feed both lucerne and stomach gravel simultaneously (see photo). This makes it possible for each hen individually to feed according to need, which improves the digestion en gut health. It is advised to have 3 combi-racks per 6000 hens where 1 bag of 25 kg stomage gravel can be spread. This is sufficient for 4 weeks, such that each hen will ingest 1 gram of stomage gravel per week. Furthermore it is possible to supply unlimited lucerne or hay.
Combi-Poultry rack